Overview of the Board

The Executive Board meets once a month, usually on the second Monday of each month, at The Harford Artists’ Gallery, 37 N. Main Street, Suite 104, Bel Air. The President may occasionally change the date and time of the board meeting or may call a special board meeting to address time-sensitive issues.

Any HAA member is welcome to attend a Board meeting. Any issues you may wish to address can be placed on the agenda by contacting the President in advance or by discussing with one of your Members-at-Large to bring to the Board. Non-Board members may participate in discussion or present reports at the discretion of the President, but may not make motions or vote.  (By-Laws, Article IV)

Are you interested in supporting the Arts and Artists of Harford County as an Elected Member of our Board?  Please reach out to our Nominating Committee (NominatingCommittee@artinharford.org) for inclusion on our upcoming Ballot!  Executive Board Positions are voted every even-numbered year at the Annual Membership Meeting.  Is 2024 your time to shine for the Arts?!


Position Descriptions

The following Responsibilities and Expectations by position were approved by the Board December, 2021.

All HAA governing positions are filled by dedicated community volunteers committed to our Mission: Supporting the Arts and Artists of Harford County

Our Purpose is to promote interest in and appreciation for art in Harford County; to conduct and enhance educational programs and activities in the visual arts through art lectures, demonstrations, workshops and community projects; to encourage members in expanding their artistic abilities; and to provide our members with opportunities to present their artwork for display and educational purposes. (Member Handbook, HAA Mission, pg. 1)


Executive Board (Member Elected)


The President shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Board. The President shall, with advice and counsel of the Executive Board, select all committee chairpersons and assist in the selection of committee personnel. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.


The Vice President shall exercise the powers and authority and perform the duties of the President in the absence or disability of the President.


The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the Association and of the Executive Board, shall oversee the maintenance of a permanent record of the minutes in Association storage, and shall ensure the issuance of notices. The Secretary shall also serve as the Association Historian.


The Treasurer shall maintain control of all bank accounts of the Association as directed by the Executive Board. The treasurer shall prepare and present a monthly Treasurer’s Report showing the financial condition of the Association at the Executive Board meeting and at member Business meetings. The Treasurer shall maintain an accurate list of members, including addresses and telephone numbers, and shall advise the Membership Chair. The Membership Chair shall notify the appropriate personnel of the members who are no longer in good standing.


Standing Committee Chairpersons (Board Appointed)

Chairpersons for the HAA Standing Committees are appointed by Elected Members of the Executive Board and are voting members of the Executive Board (HAA Handbook, pg. 5 & By-Laws, Article V).  Position summaries and detailed position descriptions are currently in draft and under review by the Board.

In general, committee chairpersons are responsible for oversight and organization of the committee, as well as preparing an agenda for their committee’s meetings and reporting committee activity to the Executive Board. Each committee must submit budget requirements for meeting their goals to the Board so that an overall HAA budget can be constructed and presented for approval by the Board.

Facilities & Equipment

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Publicity & Public Relations

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Programs & Workshops

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