Artists A – C

Jeannie AllertonOil
June ArringtonGiclee and Business Printing
Joanna BarnumWatercolor
Nathan D. BartlettOil, Graphite
Robin CapecciOil
Mary E CraigWatercolor
Ron CrouseMixed Media including: Pen & Ink, Graphite, Color Pencil, Watercolor

Artists D – K

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Bonita Gilley
RonĀ HartmanPhotography
Victoria HarveyPhotography
Catherine J. HerbertAcrylic
Jo HoutzWatercolor on Japanese Masa Paper
Jody KarantonisWatercolor and Oil
Barbara KirchnerOil, Watercolor, Pastel, Collage
Alexandra KoppOil

Artists L – P

Tim LeahyWatercolor, Pencil
J. Barrie LeighPastel, Acrylic, Charcoal, Pencil
Judy A. LenehanFibre Collage, Sculpture
Lisa MarvelClay and Glass
Sandra J. Norris Oil, Watercolor, Ink
Leslie PickerOil, Graphite, Watercolor
Kaori PontbriandWatercolor and Acrylic
Kathy Proctor

Artists Q – S

Harry QuinnPhotography (Nature and Underwater)
Amanda Recher-MacriPhotography/Digital Composites
Betty Reeves Photography, Oil & Mixed Media
Michael RoseOil
Bill RothenbachAcrylic and Mixed Media
Steve RowlandsAcrylic on Canvas
Paulette SmythWatercolor and Acrylic
Patricia Stonesifer Oil and Watercolor

Artists T – Z

Carol A. TrojanowskiWatercolor, Pastels Acrylic
Eliner TryonOil and Pastel
Linda VecchioOil and Watercolor
Susan Cassidy WilhoitWatercolor
Susan Cassidy Wilhoit /
Carolyn WuytsOil
Justina XenakisAcrylic and Watercolor
Susan M. ZanellaHard Shelled Gourd Art