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Artists are listed alphabetically by last name:

Artists L – P

Tim Leahy

  Watercolor & Pencil

Instagram | Email

Look for Tim’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.

J. Barrie Leigh


  Pastel, Colored Pencil, Charcoal, & Acrylic

“My subject preference leans toward the natural world around us. I paint with a blend of impressionism and realism, applying a 3-level painting method. The process begins with a full pastel under-painting that is set with alcohol or water. Next, a second layer of traditional pastel paints adds higher value colors. The final burnishing coat etches exquisite details into the picture using hard and soft pastel pencils.”

Available for Commission.

Website | Email

Look for Barrie’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.  Barrie is also a constant presence at The Artists’ Emporium in Havre de Grace, exhibits with the Maryland Pastel Society, & the Pastel Society of America.

Judy A. Lenehan

  Fibre Collage & Sculpture

Website | Email

Look for Judy’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.

Scott McClelland

 From Scott’s Perspective


Original and commissioned portraits on canvas & Christmas Balls.

Website | Email

Look for work From Scott’s Perspective at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.

Denise McDaniel

  Oil, Figure Drawing, Photography, & Art Educator

Denise is best known for Plein Air and Landscape Oil Paintings and is an Experienced, On-Line/Zoom, Art Workshop Leader and Art History Speaker.

Available for Commission.

Website | Email

Look for Denise’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.

Eleanor Mulholland

 Oil, Pastel, & Watercolor

Plein Air Landscapes, Floral, & Animals; Realism.

Website | Email

Look for Eleanor’s work at the HAA Gallery, Dr. Leary’s Office, and at the McFaul Activities Center in Bel Air.

Blake & Linda Napfel


Linda is very seldom without her camera and is always looking for those things most people overlook.  She joys in capturing the beauty that is all around us in everyday life whether it be nature, animals, old buildings, or people. She loves documenting life’s special moments through photography.

Blake enjoys architectural subjects, taking special joy in the technical aspect of photography.  He is also an avid wildlife photographer with a special love for the eagles at Conowingo Dam.

Look for Blake & Linda’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.

Susan Niewenhous

 Oil, Pastel, & Watercolor

Seasoned portrait artist.

Available for Commission.


Look for Susan’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.

Sandra J. Norris

  Oil, Watercolor, & Ink


Look for Sandra’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.

Frank Novak

  All Mediums, Digital, & Sculpture

Facebook | Email

Look for Frank’s Digital Canvases at the HAA Gallery & at Independent Brewery in Bel Air.

Melissa Oberg


I love to make both functional and non-functional ceramics. Much of my pottery is inspired by nature and I often use leaves, flowers, etc. in my wares. 

Instagram | Email | Website

Look for Melissa’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.

Leslie Picker

  Oil, Graphite, & Watercolor


Look for Leslie’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.

Jill Plaisted

  Oil & Watercolor

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from the University of Kentucky where I majored in Painting and Printmaking. I paint in Oils and Watercolor with an emphasis on landscapes and marinescapes.

Available for Commission.


Look for Jill’s work at the HAA Gallery, Independent Brewery, and Pairings Bistro in Bel Air and at the Riverview Gallery, 224 Washington Street, in Havre de Grace.

Lucy Berry Plaisted

  Watercolor & Acrylics


Look for Lucy’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.

Deborah Ponder


Original paintings, fine art prints, prints on canvas.

Available for Commission.

Website | Email

Deborah is a signature member at North East Watercolor Society & Baltimore Watercolor Society.

Bryan Prietz


Outdoor, Travel & Landscape Photography.

Website | Email

Look for Bryan’s work at the HAA Gallery and Parings Bistro in Bel Air.

Kathy Proctor


Look for Kathy’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.

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