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Artists are listed alphabetically by last name:

Artists D – K

Roland W. Dorsey



Look for Roland’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.

Alison Comoglio Filicko

  Acrylic, & Mixed Media

Alison is an Art Educator and creator of Abstract Landscapes on Canvas and Paper.

Instagram | Instagram of Students’ Work | Email

Look for Alison’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.

Bonita Gilley



Look for Bonita’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.

Susan Gugliuzza

  Glass & Paper

Susan gifted her husband a couples fused glass class for his birthday. By the end of the day, he was not impressed, but she fell in love with it! That set her on the path of more classes, studio time rentals, and then her own workshop! Susan enjoys learning a variety of processes and then experimenting with different glasses, procedures and heat.  Prior to life with glass, she enjoyed creating with icing, veggies, flowers, paper, beads, fabric and anything else that passed through her hands, all while raising a family, teaching entrepreneurs who are blind and running businesses.  Susan is a composite of the spirit of all people, places and things that preceded this day. All of which enhance her glass art. 


Look for Susan’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.

Ron Hartman


Website | Email

Look for Ron’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.

Victoria Harvey


Website | Email

Look for Victoria’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.

Catherine J. Herbert


Website | Email

Look for Catherine’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.

Jo Houtz



Eclectic Watercolor Painting.

Available for Commission.

Website | Email

Look for Jo’s Eclectic Watercolors at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air & the Riverview Gallery & Decoy Museum in Havre de Grace.

Jody Karantonis

  Oil & Watercolor

“I was an art teacher in a former life and now enjoy painting landscapes and portraits in both oil and watercolor.  Some of my favorite works are scenes I’ve painted of my home town: Greencastle, Pennsylvania.”

Available for Commission.


Look for Jody’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air & during the Triennial Old Home Week celebration in Greencastle, PA.

Barbara Kirchner

  Oil, Watercolor, Pastel, & Collage


Look for Barbara’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.

Alexandra Kopp


Realist oil painter of landscapes, still life, and animals.

Available for Commission.

Website | Etsy | Instagram | Email

Look for Alexandra’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air and the Riverview Gallery in Havre de Grace.

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