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Here lists a selection of our Harford Artists who have the opportunity to show at our Gallery in Suite 104 of the Armory Marketplace behind the historic Reckord Armory (37 N. Main Street, Town of Bel Air business district).  HAA will only list Member Information at the Member’s request. Not all Members show at gallery events. Visit the Member’s website or contact them directly for specifics on when and where to find their work.

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Artists are listed alphabetically by last name:

Artists A – C

June Arrington


Giclee & Business Printing.

Website | Email

Look for June’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.

Lauren Austin

  Acrylic, Mixed Media, & Design

A lifelong creative, Fine Arts graduate, and designer by profession, I’ve a new fondness for creating contemporary, abstract art.

Website | Email

Look for Lauren’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air or in limited collections on her website.

Connie Baker

  c.baker paintings

  Acrylic & Watercolor

Acrylic & Watercolor Seascape Art.

Available for Commission.

Website | Email

Look for Connie’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.

Shari Bangs


“I capture nature, landscape, and macro photographs that spark joy while I’m hiking. Each photo I share has a poem; often, the words form just as I press the shutter.  It’s wonderful to know others may feel the awe of life through my lens.”


Look for Shari’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.

Joanna Barnum


Website | Email

Joanna is a Signature Member of the National Watercolor Society; look for her work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.

Nathan D Bartlett


Available for Commission (Note: Part-Time/Leisure Artist).

Website | Email

Look for Nathan’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.

Judith Bates

  Oil & Pastel

Judith joys in painting portraits, landscapes, animals, and still life compositions.

Available for Commission.

Website | Email

Look for Jude’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air and More Than Fine Framing in Towson, MD.


Robin Capecci

  Studio di Capecci


“I paint with oils on primarily sealed wood panels. My focus is on still life, painting in a classical style. I paint landscapes and water scenes of Harford County which can be achieved through photographs or on-site plein aire painting. I also enjoy painting scenes of Italy.”

Website | Email

Look for Robin’s work at The Artists Emporium in Havre de Grace, & The Nest in Bel Air.

Denise Carlino


“I capture photographs of landscapes & architectural elements, with clocks being my specialty. Don’t look here for the ‘typical’ landscape or clock – my eye is focused on the unique! How many times have you looked through the inside of our time-keepers?”

Website | Email

Look for Denise’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.

Artkina Celestin


“I love to express joy as well as my love for the environment, music and culture, current events, and nature in my artwork and illustrations.”  

Available for commissions and children’s book illustrations jobs.

Instagram | Facebook | Website | Email

Look for Artkina’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.  Artkina is also a current member of SCBWI. 

Par Chona

  Par Chona Photography


Outdoor Portraits, Professional Head-shots, Senior Photos, & Family Portraits.

Website | Email

Look for Par Chona’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.

Gwen Cicone

  Gwen Cicone Fine Art


“Capturing the love of life with acrylic paint is my artistic goal. Whether working on an animal, landscape or other subject, I strive to capture the light, look and emotion connecting to my heart and that of the viewer.”

Available for Commission.

Map | Website | Email

Look for Gwen’s work at the HAA Gallery, the Bel Air Office of Planning & Zoning, Berkshire Hathaway, & at Independent Brewery in Bel Air.

Lynne W Clark


Watercolor Landscapes.


Look for Lynne’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.

Susan Copenhaver

  Oil & Watercolor

“In awe of God’s creation, my goal in painting fleeting moments in land, sea, & skyscapes is to connect you with nature’s harmonies and leave you feeling like you are there.”

Website | Email

Look for Susan’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.

Mary E. Craig



Look for Mary’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.

Ron Crouse

  Pen & Ink, Graphite, Colored Pencil, & Watercolor


Look for Ron’s work at the HAA Gallery in Bel Air.

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